Since social distancing has now become the new normal for everyone, it’s the perfect time to clean yes I said clean! For tips on cleaning/organizing/family fun check out this post here! So today I am going to break down how to clean your makeup brushes/sponges. Let’s bet honest cleaning your makeup brushes is a process. Below I break down what I use and tips on deep cleaning because right now is the perfect to be germ free! 🙂

First, we are start with everyday brush/beauty blender cleaning! I try to clean my most used brushes and beauty bender at least one to two times a week with this Sonia Kashuk Spray . Obviously this spray is not a deep clean but it does help when I need a quick clean. Simple spray your brush or sponge and wipe it in either a paper towel or wash cloth and it’s ready for the next use! I use an old wash cloth that I keep on my vanity to clean in between brush uses. Tip: when cleaning your makeup brush/sponge circular or wiping motions are best!

Now for a deep clean I use BeautyBlender BlenderCleanser! With everything on in the world right it’s the perfect time deep clean your brushes and beauty blenders. They carry germs just like your hands do and now imagine putting your germ filled brush on your face. Yuck! Also deep cleaning them is a great way to preserve your brushes and have them last longer. To get started with BlenderCleanser, you place the grid over the soap and wipe your brush back and forth to help get rid of residue! DO NOT do this with your sponge just remove the grid and use the soap to clean the sponge and rinse. 🙂 Tip: lay your brushes flat on a towel to dry and I know this will sound silly but on my thicker brushes I use comb to separate the hairs and keep the brush shape!

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