I know I’ve been posting a lot of makeup lately but it’s one of my favorite things and what I am most knowledgeable about! Anyway on to the makeup! I love dewy glowy skin for the summer, I feel like it makes my skin look so healthy and natural. I am not going to go through every step of my makeup routine so I am just doing a general run down. So let’s break down how I get there! 🙂

I haven’t posted about this foundation before, but the L’Oreal Infallible Foundation is one of my favorites for summer and especially when I’m self tanned. It’s drugstore which makes it even better! I love this foundation because it’s lasts ALL day and gives such a healthy glow to the skin and medium to full coverage which is great for the days when I work all day. I am in the shade 475 when I am self tanned! Next we have this Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Concealer. I have a tendency to have a dry under eye and this has been helping a lot with hydration also has great coverage. I am shade L5!

In the summer, I go towards more cream products because they are easier to put on and do not take as much time. Now I know cream products are not for everyone but for me these products are the easiest to use. Lately, I have been reaching for my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. I love love this product, you can apply it either before foundation or after. I will say it is not a crazy highlight, it’s more of a glow from within type product. You can also apply this without any makeup at all for a all over glow! I am in the shade 2. Now for cream bronzer, I have been using the NudeStix – Nudies in shade Bondi Bae. I actually got this product during the VIB sale and it’s amazing! I apply with a beauty blender, it gives such a sun kissed glow and is buildable!

Lastly, it’s time for highlighters! My favorite highlighter of all time is Becca Cosmetics – Champagne Pop. It’s the OG of highlighters. Everyone needs this in their collections, I feel like any skin-tone can use this. Basically melts in the skin! I also love the SmashBox Spotlight Palette in Pearl – it also comes in a gold for deep skin-tones. I love this palette, it can be used for either a natural or more extreme look depending on how you feel!

Finally we have SmashBox Primer Oil, now if have oily skin this is NOT for you. I apply this to my highlight to make it pop more, under my eye or anywhere on my face when I feel dry. I only use two to three very small drops on the back of my hand and tap in with a beauty blender. This oil can and will mess up your makeup if you use to much!

I didn’t mention this above but I do set my whole face with powder so that nothing moves. I always recommend setting your face! As always, if you have any questions leave a comment below or send me dm on Instagram! Hope you guys are excited for warmer weather, stay safe!