This post is for all my girls who are almost always late or right on the dot about time. I am the ruler of the land of late so with that I have had to learn to do my makeup quickly. I know there are others who are exactly like me so I am sharing all my tips and tricks on how I make it out the door and still look fairly decent!

First is my It Cosmetics CC Cream, I seriously love this stuff! I quickly apply it with my fingers. Of course applying makeup is all about personal preference so apply how you feel is best! This cc cream does have SPF in it making it great for the beach or if you are going to be in the sun for long periods of time! If you do not like a dewy finish this does come in a matte finish. I am in the shade light!

Next I apply concealer, highlight and powder. I add this Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter highlighter on my high points of my face, seriously so pretty! I use Charlotte Tilbury all the time under other foundations to give me a more natural glow. After everything is applied it is time to set with powder! I highly recommend setting this moisturizer with powder at least in the under-eye and eye lid area because it will crease!

After everything is set, it’s time for O-Mega bronzer! I love adding the warmth to face so I don’t look dead haha. I usually just brush it over my contour area and forehead really quickly to give my face some definition. Also I quickly contour my nose and brush some bronzer in my eye-crease!

Lastly, it is brows and mascara time! I just fill in my brows where I have bald spots and give them shape. Then it’s mascara time, I am still loving this Lash Paradise to lengthen my lashes! Highly recommend!

Leave your recommendations below on what you love to use!