Finally getting around to sharing my favorite home decor items! Everything is linked below. I’ll share more pictures once everything is put together! Almost all of the items came from Target and some from Amazon. Everything listed is under $200.

  1. Found this Ladder bookshelf at Target and loved it! Comes in this darker color here.
  2. Currently using this Block Basket in our entryway. Using the Tall Striped Basket for laundry and the Woven basket for our downstairs pillows!
  3. Obsessed with my round decorative mirror! It looks soooo good in our entryway and it’s under $100!
  4. These bamboo drawer organizers have saved the day! I have the 7-9 slots for our bigger cooking utensils but definitely purchasing the 6-8 slots for the silverware.
  5. Props to Andrew for picking out my blanket ladder all on his own! Matches everything in our house perfectly! From Amazon and under $60.